Cleaning Water Passages in an Engine Block – The engine block is the heart of your car. This is where the pistons generate the power to propel the car forward. However, the car will not run smoothly if the engine block is dirty or grimy. The engine block is full of water passage, which can be easily cleaned with brushes nylon bristles and a strong cleaning agent.

Cleaning Water Passages in an Engine Block

Things you need

  • Engine block stay
  • Cleaner
  • Nylon bristle brush
  • Water hose
  • Lantern


Show More Instructions

  1. Set the engine block on the engine block to stay so that you can have access to all parts of it. The stand is a necessary part of the process, so that you can maneuver around the block and get to the places-difficult access.
  2. Pour a degreasing or detergent such as Simple Green oil Eater the water passages. Too strong damage of a detergent engine block metals, but is too weak will not clean dirt and grease. Let the detergent sit for a few minutes to soak and begin to break down the dirt in the engine block passages.
  3. Clean water passes through brushing with a nylon bristle brush. The nylon will not damage the metal, but will allow you rub efficiently dirt and grease. Push the brush through the passages and rub hard, rinse with clean water from a hose. Repeat the application of detergent scrub and clean water to clean the passages and dirt are washed.

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