How to Cover Up Hickeys with Makeup – The guy left you with the neck marked and you need to cover or at least disguise it? Do not worry, because here you will find the solution to those types of kisses that mark you after a night of passion. Here are tips to cover with the make-up brand of passionate kisses.

How to Cover Up Hickeys with Makeup


Makeup: A Quick Solution

There is nothing more beautiful than a passionate night, but the result can be overwhelming: A terrible hickey! Before you have a panic attack when thinking about what your boss will say when you see that mark on your neck, you should know that there are quick fixes with just a little makeup.

First of all, let me say that the marks are nothing more than bruises caused by the rupture of some blood vessels under the skin. Since it takes at least a week to disappear, it is best to treat or cover them as soon as possible.

To speed up the healing process, you can use a cream that contains vitamin K, which will contract the vessels and reduce redness. To cover with makeup, you just need to apply a little concealer in the area and finish with compact powder. To be well camouflaged, remember that the concealer should be the exact color of your neck.


How to Cover Up Hickeys with Makeup

  • Applying ice packs is one of the best options to treat your hiccup brand. The way to do it is to put an ice pack or ice pack on the brand for about 10 minutes. Rest a little and repeat.
  • Sour cream is perfect for calming your bruise, even better if it is cold.
  • You can also scrub circular toothpaste in your brand. Do this once, rest and do it again. Repeat the process several times in the first 24 hours.
  • Put two tablespoons of steel in the freezer and when they are very cold use them to calm your bruise. Switch to one another to keep cool.
  • Combing the mark is another option, a very good one because it causes the circulation of the blood vessels to recover. You can do it with a toothbrush or with a fine comb. Although this technique hurts a little, it is perfect.
  • Cover the mark with herb or witch hazel.
  • Cover the “love bite” with a mint paste.
  • Put cucumber compresses cold for a whole day.
  • Only massage! Although it is a slow healing process, it is a painless and safe method to reactivate blood circulation and make your brand disappear.

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