Different Types of African Braids – I wore my hair in field braids from late summer time into fall of last year and after taking them out and giving my fro a few love, I’m in a position to get the braids once more. Why? I want to give my hair a few time to grow, and I’m not in a temper to at all times mess with it every morning! I miss just rolling out of mattress with my hair already carried out for me for three entirely satisfied months. Of course, having long field braids had its set of demanding situations however they were still so amusing to rock that I can’t wait to throw a few twists in there once more ASAP.

However what if I want to go for an alternative look? The world of African braiding is significant, each person. So big that it’s easy to get the various styles stumble upon up. There are even a few out there that you doubtless have never even heard of! If you’re curious about rocking a few braids soon, then you need to know precisely what kind you want to get without getting your Marley Twists and your Senegalese Twists combined up. So here is a useful list of eight alternative types of African braids that you should know about. Mark down your favorites, troll Pinterest for more examples and reveal your hairdresser your favorite look!

Different Types of African Braids

Faux Locs/Silk Locs: Love the look of dreadlocks but aren’t interested in committing to them? Faux locs are the answer! Unlike real dreads that use your real hair, faux locs get the look using extensions. They were recently sported by Zendaya, and they look rad. If you have an edgy style, you’ll love these.

Different Types of African Braids

Cornrows: Cornrows are braids that are created flat along the scalp. They have a reputation for being boring or juvenile, but that is so not the case! You can get creative with cornrows so that the hair is plaited into different and patterns and alternative directions. Plus, you can have a ton of cornrows or keep it minimalist. The choice is yours!

Different Types of African Braids

Nubian Twists
Nubian twists look awesome as a shorter style. They’re super springy and flexible so they’re awesome if you want a lighter approach to extensions without all the bulk and length. Spice them up with some dyed extensions

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