People with dark skin need to choose specific colors for their hair, also taking into consideration other factors such as eye color and multiple skin nuances. The hairdresser is usually the best person to provide information on which colors match most with the customer figure but there are a few factors to consider before choosing a new color for your hair.



Most people with dark skin tend to have warm shades, but there are always exceptions. Brunette tones with colder or bluish tones will require a totally different approach to choosing hair color. Dark colors are usually best for dark people, regardless of the various nuances of this skin color. Dyes in the dark and medium brown tones or shades of dark blonde may blend well with these people. The color of the eyes is also very important. Intense brown eyes and truly brown skin look best with cooler-colored hair such as bluish-black, brown or dark brown. Lighter eyes such as greyish or hazelnut may indicate that hair in golden brown or dark red would look good. For those more daring, an intense redhead is an option, but a darker red is usually nicer with the dark skin. If the choice is an unconventional color, intense dark violet may also work.

Hair Colors that match Brown Skin

Dark hair looks good with brown skin



Generally speaking, dark skin and light blond hair is not a good combination. A very clear tonality leaves the appearance of unnatural brunettes. Unless you want to shock people, choosing a three-tone color farther from your natural hair color can be risky. If your skin has cooler nuances, golden colorations can leave your figure yellowish.

Hair Colors that match Brown Skin

Avoid light blondes if you have brown skin



Reflexes can make hair interesting. Light blonde is not suitable for brown skin, but shades of gold with brown reflections can be pleasing. Brown hair with golden highlights also works well. Generally speaking, brown skin with warm tones should be combined with reflections of cool nuances, while cool skins look better with warmer reflections.

Hair Colors that match Brown Skin

Try to make reflections if you have brown skin

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