Store sellers sometimes forget to remove the burglar alarm from clothing. If you have lost your receipt or if the store is too far away, this article explains how to remove the anti-theft alarm.

How to Remove an Anti-Theft Alarm

How to Remove an Anti-Theft Alarm

How to Remove an Anti-Theft Alarm

Step 1

Check the alarm to determine how it is constructed. There are two basic types of security alarms, which work like a large clothespin. The open alarm slides along the edge of the suit and is secured by a steel pin with a round plastic button at one end. The button and pin are inserted into the alarm and pressed to lock. One type of alarm is only connected to clothing. Another contains a small bottle of paint that, if broken, stains clothing.

Step 2

Lift the edge of the round button on one side of the security alarm using a screwdriver or an ice pick. The button is connected to a steel pin, with grooves along its length to prevent the pin from being pulled easily.

Step 3

Melt the round button by holding the pin with a lighter if it doesn’t come out with a screwdriver. Take care not to drop plastic on your clothes; hold the alarm down.

Step 4

Use pliers to cut the pin below the round plastic button or use the screwdriver to loosen the alarm pin.

Step 5

Open the alarm and throw it away.

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