How to Remove Bird Poop Stain from Car

On sunny days, when going to work by car, for example, what you want is to find a place in a shadow. When he does, he’s all happy, because he will not have to face that heat when he returns home. But sometimes we are surprised with bird feces in the bodywork and in the glass. And now, what to do?

How to Remove Bird Poop Stain from Car

The ‘ enamel with grease ‘ spoke with the technical instructor Rafael Ferreira, from the mechanic’s school, to explain how to proceed in this situation. According to him, the acidity of feces attacks the varnish of the paint and, sometimes, even finds the paint itself. Therefore, it is ideal to clean with neutral soap and water in a maximum of 24 hours. “From this, already runs the risk of tarnishing, because the sun helps to accelerate the process,” completes Ferreira.

But if the cleaning is not done and some stain appears? “It is necessary, in this case, to take the car to a shop to repair it,” says the instructor. If the stained area is large, the instructor explained that a specialized paint is necessary in order not to change the color of the paint. “Otherwise, if the stain is recent and does not occupy a very large area, only a Polish can solve the problem,” he says. In the glass, there are no problems. Water and soap already solve without leaving consequences.

The tip is to be careful where to park the car, to avoid these unexpected situations. At first, these stools may even seem harmless, but as we have seen, they can cause problems if they are not removed with agility.

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