How to Repair a Fuel Tank by Welding – When your car’s gas tank is impaired, can result in a disfigured tank, at best, and reduced fuel capacity, at worst. You have options when it comes to repairing a dented fuel tank. If the teeth are moderate, you may be able to buy a repair kit and remove the teeth using suction. When kneading is too serious for such repair to be effective, however, you should have a professional use of welding studs — which involves welding a stud for your fuel tank and pull the pin to get the tooth — to repair their tank.

How to Repair a Fuel Tank by Welding

Things You Need To

  • Draw pin fastener
  • Welder system Stud, with the gun
  • Slide hammer


Show instructions

  1. Insert holder in the chuck of the stud welding gun.
  2. Position the catch on the tooth surface, bringing -o in firm contact with the fuel tank.
  3. Firing the welding gun of the stud, thus welding the fastener to the surface of his fuel tank in a fraction of
  4. Second. Attach hook to your slide hammer to the tie pin. then whip the hammer weight toward the handle, up and away from the pin draw to remove the tooth in the tank.

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