How to Wear a Baggy Sweater Vest – Knit vests are a garment that seems to remain always in style. From chic, sophisticated look to funky, flirty styles, large knit vests can turn outfits just ok in a wow wardrobe. Knitted vests are available in all price ranges to satisfy thrifty store-savers and similar grand-ticket buyers. So the next time you have to dress for success or impress it, try these outfit ideas with baggy vests.

How to Wear a Baggy Sweater Vest



How to wear baggy sweater vests

  1. Don a baggy jacket sweater on top of a well-fitted shirt, style leotard. Put a pair of black legging pants to complete this chic, but trendy look. This style works well with a long sweater jacket that loosely touches the hips and ends half-thigh.
  2. Create a perfect on-the-town outfit by associating a baggy sweater jacket with a classic white blouse and largely fitted jeans. Belted Knit vests that are slightly bloused and look ample especially nice with this set. Put on a pair of black-heeled boots and your eyes are full.
  3. Capitalize on the trendy Capri style legging by wearing a baggy sweater jacket on a high baby-doll and knee length adjusted. Crown this fun, affectionate look with a pair of high-heeled cork sandals.
  4. Create a multi-layered look that is great for casual Fridays at the office or a weekend lunch with the girls. Start by wearing one close to the top mesh body under a button down printed blouse. Add a floating and long jacket sweater on top of these two layers, followed by a fluid scarf that hangs on both sides of the sweater jacket. Gift of a pair of khaki casual pants and your outfit is ready.
  5. Pair an elegant, sophisticated sweater vest with a chic mini dress. Add knee boots to black high heels to complete this stylish look.

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