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It’s a classic, timeless and super efficient shot. But, unlike appearances, not completely devoid of risk. To properly wear the V-shirt/pull duo without looking like a nerd or a scruffy guy, you have to follow some very technical rules.

How to Wear a Sweater Over a Collared Shirt

The depth of the “V”. Sometimes the “V” of the sweater does not come down low enough and does not show enough shirt. This is the most common problem. To avoid this, there’s something stupid. Make sure the collar goes down low enough to let two buttons appear on the shirt.

The shirt collar. Sometimes the shirt collar, a little too wide, comes out of the collar of the sweater. This can be a little neglected, or even very 70s (the days when these gentlemen opened their shirts and put the collar on the jacket, you see?) To avoid this, it is better to choose button-collared shirts, which will remain better in place.

The button on the shirt. When it comes to buttoning, there is room for maneuver. To you to see if you want to button or unbutton the first button of the shirt. You’re not going to be much of a risk. But there are also limits. In order not to look too scruffy, it is important that the second button of the shirt is buttons, so that the buttons take place in the open air, not hidden under the sweater.

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