How to Wear a Wrap Silk Dress – We all have big clothes hanging in our cupboards that we are just not sure how to wear. A silk wallet dress is fabulous and elegant on the hanger, but once you put it on your body, it may feel lumpy, or it might stand gawking before the neckline or a stick for your pantyhose. Shoes and Accessories present additional problems. Here’s how to take this dress from the hanger and a look of hell in it.

How to Wear a Wrap Silk Dress

How to Wear a Wrap Silk Dress


  1. Wears underwear. Unless you are stick-thin, you will need support, smoothing underwear, because the silk is usually thin and sticky. Try a bra with smooth lines (no lace or seams) or a full-length shaped body. Your underwear should be of tonic flesh so that it does not show up through the silk.
  2. Add a slip if the skirt is too sticky or if you want to wear tights. Although the slips are not as frequent as those used to be, the slip right can make your dress go much better. Some companies, such as spans and Victoria Secret, even make Shaper body glide so as not need as many separate underwears.
  3. Put on your dress. Most of the wallet dresses have either a hook or tie inside, or a belt that pierces a hole in the side of the dress to fix it closed, so make sure you have connected and attached all the fastenings. If the bail dress still in the front, pin it closed inside with a tiny safety pin.
  4. Choose your shoes and accessories. Get inspired by the dress and the season. In the spring or summer, a short sleeve, brightly coloured silk wallet dress should thongs or ballerinas and subtle jewelry (like a gold chain with a delicate pendant of gemstones). In the fall, wear a red-colored silk dress, with leather boots with high brown heels at knee height and chunky beads. Part of the winter holiday calls for a jewel-toned gown, thicker gold or silver chains and high heels.


Tips and warnings

Bring your dress with you when you try on the underwear, so you can make sure you have the right person. Don’t spend hours trying out bras, only to find when you get home that an inch of material sticks on the collar of the dress.
Silk is a delicate matter, so jewelry can hang it. Be careful not to catch your dress from your ring or a watch.

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