How to Wear Black Thigh – Starting the height of the black knee is a typical wardrobe of fashionable women all over the world, making its annual reappearance with the first signs of a colder weather. This versatile classic women’s footwear piece is universally flattering and can be worn with a wide range of clothes. However, not every boot at the height of the black knee is intended for all women, and vice versa.


How to Wear Black Thigh

How to Wear Black Thigh


  1. Store for black knee-height boots, keeping in mind that the key to wearing them well is to find the right combination of shape and style for you. Wider legs women should look for a pair of knee-height boots with the tip in them, and chunky heel boots can create a slimming effect on the heavy legs. (See the Resources section for a site full of wide shoe sizes.) During this time, those with small ankles can be flattered by a more structured pair.
  2. Try each start by placing your foot first, then pulling the leg part over your calf. Make sure to zip or buckle the boots if applicable before walking around to test the fit. You should be able to move your toes, and the boots should reach just below just above the knee.
  3. Break into your new black mid-lows as soon as possible after bringing them home, walking around in them for longer and longer periods of time until your feet are accustomed.
  4. Find outfits that will be accentuated by your boots. Knee-length skirts, casual dresses, jeans slim or slim corduroy trousers are all choices, proportionately elegant. The color of the outfit is less important since the black of the boots will go with just about everything.


Tips and warnings

  • Experiment with the versatility of black mid-low by pairing heel boots with your work outfit as well as a night look. Flat knee-height boots tend to go better with casual dresses, tunics, skirts and so worn on a slim-fitting jeans.
  • Avoid wearing knee-height boots with short shorts or very short skirts, especially those with a frayed hem, as this can project a shaggy look together with the lack of class. One possible exception to this rule is if the wearer adds opaque tights or leggings to the outfit to adequately cover the legs.

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