How to Wear Boho Bands – The Bohemian look is great when worn in a polite manner. The modern way to rock the look is to streamline your clothes, go rosy with your skin and wear a bohemian headband. This is when you wear a thin or thick elastic woven headband or on your forehead and around the head, as the hippies did in the 1960s.

How to Wear Boho Bands

How to wear boho headbands



  1. Discover what flatters. A headband of boho can come in different widths and materials. Find what flatters you better width before you buy or make one. People with a very small forehead will have to opt for a thinner band than people with a wider forehead. All fall under the banner category Boho, in order to find what seems the best and feels most comfortable.
  2. Keep your forehead dry. If you tend to sweat a lot, the headband of boho might not be for you. You can keep your forehead dry by applying bulk powder before putting it on your headband. The friction of the hoop and a sweaty brow can cause rashes and discomfort.
  3. Get your hair in check. Headbands boho better with long hair, but they can work with any length. Your hair will be worn down, so keep the frizz and hair rebellious in check by running a serum shine through your hair before you wear your boho headband. The boho headband works fabulously with headboard, the slightly wrinkled hair corresponds to the sensation of the hair accessory.
  4. Begin with something simple. If it is your first time wearing a boho headband, go with something simple like a black or chocolate plain stripe, or a braided band in a neutral color. It will take some time to get used to it at the beginning, but the more comfortable you become wearing the headband, the more you can experiment.
  5. Experience with something more ornate. Metallic hues like gold and silver look great in the night. Boho’s headbands are often adorned with feathers or fancy jewellery for an evening look. When you wear boho decorated headbands, put the decoration on one side of the head, not the front, which can create a clamshell feel instead of a hippie look.
  6. Keep simple clothes. Because you’re going with an avant-garde headband, keep your clothes simple. Streamlined clothing that creams the body’s work and avoids looking too neglected. Keep bohemian accents as fringes and embroideries to a minimum to avoid looking like you are wearing a suit. The key is to watch hippie-chic not disheveled.

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