How to Wear Cufflinks on a Regular Shirt – According to the writer’s Costume Society Lance Miller, “Man’s jewelry usually consists of a wedding ring, a few pieces of exclusive time, maybe a quality pen and a few pairs of cufflinks.” If crafted with gemstones, gold, metal or mother-of-pearl, cufflinks convey a message of class and style to passers-by. Made popular in England more than 300 years ago, the cuff button is now a regular item in the wardrobe of a well-dressed man. There are clothing traditions related to cufflinks, but modern fashion allows for a more tranquil wear of this classic cut. Now a person does not have to apply some simple tips cufflinks work.

How to Wear Cufflinks on a Regular Shirt


  • Choose the right headline buttons for the occasion. Since the cufflinks vary in style from temporary to formal use, it is necessary to select special pliers. Miller claims that silver or mother-of-pearl cufflinks work for most events, but points out the cufflinks “with” a photo of your pet that you can wear to Disney World.
  • Ready the Wear cuff button by rotating the bar vertically straight.
  • Align the holes in the cuff button of the French cuff for insertion.
  • Insert the cuff bar into the hole and turn into position. Open the swivel bar of the cuff and lock it in place. The bar must be invisible in the bar of the French cuff.
  • Adjust the position of the cuff links to your satisfaction, ensuring a firm fit.



Tips and warnings

Avoid the rules in a traditional way when wearing cufflinks. Old precepts say that cuff links are inappropriate for men under 30 years of age and should not be worn with jeans. However, Miller argues that this is no longer the case in the more progressive circles. According to him, “many students, playboys in nightclubs and young professionals wear double cuff shirts on jeans.” Fashion is not the next label, but rather to create its own rules.”

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