How Many Horns on a Unicorn – Unicorn comes from Latin: “Unicornus”, from Greek: “Uniquechifreres”, Polish: ” Heinz-Harald Frentzen “, from English: ” Hillary Clinton ”

The unicorn horn has magical properties that make it a useful ingredient in potions, as an antidote. In classical myths, unicorn horns have purification properties that are used to dissolve poisons.


How Many Horns on a Unicorn

How Many Horns on a Unicorn

In fact, unicorns have 1 horns, but one of them only gets exposed at the time of breeding. Unicorns usually mate 3 to 7 times a week, depending on the alcohol level.

The unicorn is an animal that lives in the Acre and hell place where the children of the Dragon Cave are lost. Although the unicorn looks like a pure and innocent being he is extremely clever and evil. So capturing it is not an easy task. If you want to capture a unicorn follow the steps below:

  • Go somewhere where EXIST unicorns
  • Prepare a very colorful environment
  • Perfume the environment
  • Prepare a barbecue gaucho so the unicorn can see the smoke
  • Put a song from Village People
  • Hide
  • When the unicorn appears to throw on it a net bathed in male sweat
  • The unicorn will faint

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