one wheel electric skateboard

One Wheel Electric Skateboard

One Wheel Electric Skateboard – Remember when Segways got here out and everybody was blown away by the learning controls and the idea of a personal electrical car? Or, do you only bear in mind the fact that either side seems sturdiness using them? What if you could use the same sort of idea, however, make it not suck?

Onewheel is kind of like that… except it additionally, stumbles upon with an apparent love of the hoverboard, we’ve all needed because of earlier than we understood the cultural significance of again to the destiny. It seems like a skateboard with one large wheel inner. However, it rides lots more like snow or surfboard because all you have to do is lean. Made in the USA from custom elements and a lot of Stanford engineering know-how Onewheel is likely the closest any of us will come to driving an exact hoverboard in this life.

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