How to Remove Individual Fake Eyelashes – The extensions of eyelashes have become a habitual complement to enhance the expression of the look. As important as learning how to put them, is knowing how to remove false eyelashes so they do not damage your natural lashes. Either way, the process presents no difficulty and is even easier if you follow the advice of to learn how to remove eyelashes alone.

How to Remove Individual Fake Eyelashes


How to Remove Individual Fake Eyelashes

Steps to follow:

  1. As you already know, and if you do not know we count, there are several types of false eyelashes. However, the most common are lashes grouped into a single band. These are the easiest to remove since the adhesive used for fastening the strips is very soft. Normally, simply moisten the fake eyelashes with a cotton swab dipped in hot water for a few seconds and gently pull to peel them off.
  2. If you prefer the individual eyelashes, you can wear them for an extended period of time. However, when removing the glue, note that the fixative used in these types of false eyelashes is more resistant, so you should use a specialized solvent, sold in pharmacies and specialty stores.
  3. Special care must be taken when removing false eyelashes fixed with a more consistent gel and do the procedure carefully, making sure that the solvent is working and that the eyelashes are taking off from your eye. Otherwise, by removing the false eyelashes, you would end up tearing your own hairs.
  4. Your eyelashes may also be called individual eyelashes. In this case, the placement should be done by a specialist, with a technique known as ‘wire by wire’. The hairs are of different length and thickness, being used those that more resemble their natural lashes. The application of these false eyelashes should be performed by a professional one by one, and the end result gives much more naturalness to your eyes. However, in order to remove these eyelashes, in which a very special glue is used, you should visit the professional who placed them or asks you for guidance on the product to be used to remove your eyelashes.
  5. The false eyelashes will allow your eyes to be fascinating, but do not forget the care with your own eyelashes. The use of glues, dyes, makeup and permanent, as in any type of hair, can stifle and spoil the quality, extension, thickness, and shine of your eyelashes. To keep them in shape, there are treatments that will keep them clean, hydrated and taken care of and will protect them from the use of extensions


Lastly, after you have removed the false eyelashes, remember that the eye is a very delicate organ and prone to infections. So it is extremely important to keep them clean . Sanitize the extensions after each use and before replacing them on your natural eyelashes. So you can always have a healthy and beautiful look.

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