In the appeal of men’s trousers, women’s trousers unique features models who are pretty much in the appeal of men’s pants design. The versatility of pants this woman not only famous in our country alone, but the woman’s trousers models are also very popular in foreign countries, let alone Korean citizens that included one of the country’s pioneers in fashion. Following we will present some design trousers woman hits, check out some of his:

Ankle Cuff
Ankle Cuff

This one is pants model pants that have a larger form, but a little narrow at the ankles. These pants are also commonly referred to by Aladdin pants. These pants are much favored because it can give the impression of a unique unto itself. The model of this very different pants is usually plain cloth without motive. The fabric used is usually a jersey or shirt.

Bell Bottom Pants

Bell Bottom Pants
These pants are a little like models with models of boot cut pants models, but it widened from the knees up to the heel. The pants can be called bell-bottoms because its shape resembles a Bell. These pants are very famous in the era of the 1960s. This made cause pants Model inspired from pants worn by sailors.

A Jumpsuit

Model pants are actually not yet widely known to the public; these pants designs blend, the length of the dress is not only starting from the waist most of its duration in the design up to the chest.

Straight leg

Straight Leg
Jeans model this one is the most common used jeans. With its straight, Straight leg jeans are very comfortable to use and also fits with any clothing design. Because it has the same width, starting from the knee to the heel. Automatically shape can make a foot taller and lean is impressed. You can apply in a formal setting or a casual.

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